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​The latest word on nutrition, exercise, health and life balance from fitness expert Andy Dumas.


Fitness Expert
Andy's training philosophy combines the science of exercise with attention to the mind, body and soul of the individual.


​Andy specializes in:


Training for elite athletes, functional and balance training, sport specific training for golf, tennis, boxing and running.


Workouts for the deconditioned or sedentary.
Weight Loss, Strength Training, Toning, Definition, Abs, Balance, Posture, Muscle Mass, Cycling, Flexibility & Body Awareness, etc...

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Fitness is not a quick fix...It's a lifestyle.



Whatever fitness activities you choose to be involved in, take pride in your performance, work the basics, and enjoy the journey.


​Andy promotes cross training and believes fitness is essential to good living. He lives, writes, teaches and works out in Ontario, Canada.

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