Jamie's Inspiration

To strive for one’s personal best the mind, body, and soul must be nurtured and cultivated. Each intertwines with the other and with commitment, persistence, and the resolution to follow through on your dedication, each one of us will accomplish our goals of personal best. 


As a young child, I had the opportunity to engage in the splendour and demands of dance classes, specifically ballet. The training involved hours and hours of rehearsal, developing strong, lean muscles, conditioning the heart, and refining movements to produce precise execution and ultimate physical conditioning.   


Adele McGovern, my dance instructor, was one of the greatest inspirations in my life. Her career dates back before the opening of the New York’s Radio City Music Hall, before the erection of Toronto’s O’Keefe Centre, and before the establishment of the National Ballet School of Canada. As reported by Rita Daly, The Toronto Star, “She also taught tap dancing at a New York school a year before Hollywood’s dance Maestro Gene Kelly did. In fact, he took over her class.”


Throughout my childhood, adolescence, and into my adult life, I studied ballet with Miss Adele. Many happy moments and very rewarding hours were spent in her home studio.  Ballet supported and gave me a great basis for my other physical endeavours and a healthy and fit lifestyle.


Andy introduced me to the world of boxing. The similarity between boxing and ballet are numerous and include athleticism, commitment, intensity, focus, and passion. Both demand thousands and thousands of hours of training, creating superior musculature, the execution of strong and perfectly timed movement, and finely tuned focused attention. This gives one a great sense of appreciation, empowerment, and extreme physical conditioning.   

Adele McGovern

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Adele McGovern