U L T I M A T E   B O X I N G   W O R K O U T   B O O K

Boxing is the ideal workout for fitness and conditioning. Boxers are the best conditioned athletes in the world and The Ultimate Boxing Workout replicates the most beneficial elements of a boxer’s practice to maximize results in the shortest amount of time.  People from around the world, both women and men, are discovering how to stay fit through boxing exercises. Stamina, strength, speed, endurance, and more are all within your reach through the Ultimate Boxing Workout.

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Exhilarating interval workouts teach you the foundations of boxing training, body awareness, and proper execution of movements, resulting in a challenging and safe exercise program.  It is a fun, effective, and dynamic workout and includes routines that cover all aspects of boxing training. 
Experience the challenging physical training of a boxer and get in the best physical condition of your life. 
Chapters Include:
  • Ultimate Boxing Workout
  • Fitness Boxing Basics
  • Jump Rope Workouts
  • Punching Bag Workouts
  • Punch Mitt Workouts
  • Run Like A Boxer 
  • Medicine Ball Strength Training
  • Active Muscle Stretches
  • Fuel Your Fitness
  • Boxing Interval Training Routines
Tap into a new way and approach to training. Learn how to box for physical fitness and discover the Champion within you!  This is the place where boxing and fitness meet in perfect balance.






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With inspiration and advice from World Champions
The Ultimate Boxing Workout is fully endorsed by World Boxing Council.