Other Bags


Tips on how to master other bags such as the Upper Cut Bag, Double-End Bag, and the Wall Mounted Hook & Upper Cut Bag.

Upper Cut Bag


The uppercut is one of the most difficult punches to land effectively and the uppercut bag is a great piece of equipment that allows you to develop this inside or close-range punch. Uppercut bags are basically a heavy bag hung horizontally. The angle of the bag allows you to execute uppercuts effectively.

Upper Cut Bag

The Hook and Upper Cut Wall Bag

The unique design of wall-mounted bags gives you the opportunity to practice punches from a variety of angles, especially hooks and uppercuts.

The Hook and Upper Cut Bag

Double End-Bag


Sometimes referred to as a floor-to-ceiling ball, double-end bags are round, lightweight, inflatable sacks made of leather that are suspended vertically by a bungee or shock chord from the ceiling and anchored to the floor. They come in various sizes with the smaller bags being the most challenging to hit. Working on the double-end bag improves the speed and accuracy of your punch combinations.

Double-End Bag: Basics


Tips on how to get started on the double-end bag.

Double-End Bag: Basics

Double-End Bag: Intermediate Tips


Take your double-end bag workout to the next level.

Double-End Bag - Intermediate Tips