The Left Jab
The Boxer's Skip

Jump Rope


Jump rope training is one of the best total body workouts and engages almost every muscle in the body. It improve cardiovascular endurance and leads to significant gains in your performance level for virtually every sport.

Jump Rope Fundamentals


All moves in boxing originate from a balanced boxing stance. It is the foundation of smooth, steady movement that facilitates the delivery of effective punch combinations. It is essential that you develop a boxing stance that provides stability and allows you to move easily.

Jump Rope Fundamentals

The Neutral Move

The neutral move can help minimize the frustration of stopping and starting, and allows you to train continuously.

The Neutral Move

The Basic two-Foot Jump


The basic two-foot jump is the most common jump rope technique and is also known as the ‘bounce step’ or ‘one hop’. This is your baseline for more complex jumps and footwork. You will find this basic two-foot jump the easiest to master.

Basic Two-Foot Jump

The Boxer’s Skip


The boxer’s skip involves slightly shifting your weight from one foot to the other with each jump. This is a move up from the basic two-foot jump and lays the groundwork for more difficult jumps.

Kick Step


How to perform a Kick Step jump.

Kick Step
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