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Successful Boxing is the ultimate training manual for aspiring boxers. This indispensable resource shares tips and suggestions on how to improve skills and maximize performance. With inspiration and advice from World Champions Sergio Martinez, Saul Alvarez, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and a foreword by legendary World Champion Juan Manuel Marquez, using the information presented in this book will be just like receiving private sessions with a coach or top performer.



 Now available in Spanish!


Authors Andy and Jamie Dumas focus on how to master the individual nuances of boxing that will give you the winning edge.


Both basic and intricate skills are addressed, featuring photographs of world champions in action. 


Whether you are new to the sport or a serious competitor, Successful Boxing will help reach the next level of skill development.


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Speed Bag Training
Heavy Bag Drills
Slipping punches: Shadow boxing
Double-end Bag Training
Focus Mitt Drill
Road work
Ring Strategy
Jump rope

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Successful Boxing is packed with tips and ideas to keep you focused during training, and is fully endorsed by World Boxing Council.