World Boxing Council: 50th Anniversary

Boxing legends from around the world gather in Cancun to celebrate the 50th anniversary ot the WBC. Muhammad Ali is awarded 'All time King of Boxing'.



Cancun made history once again as it hosted the 50th anniversary of the WBC Convention. Boxing's greatest stars we're delighted to honor Muhammad Ali as all time “King of Boxing."

He has fought many tough battles but will best be remembered for his historic encounters against Joe Frazier, dubbed ‘The Thrilla in Manila,’ coupled with his epic fights against George Foreman and Sonny Liston that endorsed his self proclaimed sobriquet as ‘The Greatest.’

Now, years after those memorable battles, Muhammad Ali has had the prestigious title ‘King of Boxing’ properly conferred upon him at the World Boxing Council 50th Convention in the Grand Oasis Hotel, Cancun Mexico.
Reports out of that Spanish speaking country inform that Ali arrived there accompanied by his wife, Lonnie, where he received standing ovations, even from fans not yet born when he had ruled the roost.

Several notable past and current champions assisted the aging champion through the ropes and subsequently placed a crown on his head. These fighters included WBC Heavyweight Champion, Vitali Klitschko, six-time world champion in three weight divisions, Julio Cesar Chavez (Snr) and WBC Light/middleweight champion, Saul Alvarez‘.

Sergio Martinez helped affix the Diamond Belt around Ali’s waist.

Fans also relived the glorious moments of Ali’s illustrious career after viewing a film of his unique and extraordinary life and at the conclusion, applauded amidst chants of ‘Ali, Ali, Ali.’

Ms Ali held her husband’s hands for most of the ceremony and later spoke on his behalf, expressing gratitude to officials of the WBC. She said that they considered the occasion a wonderful homage while saying it is a prestigious and unique award. She further pointed out Ali particularly cherishes the prize as he’s always keen to be first.

Ali’s wife injected some humor when asked about a part of her speech where she had quoted her husband as asking why it took so long for administrators to confer the prestigious accolade. She smiled and replied, “Had he spoken at this ceremony, that’s what he would have said; he would have asked (WBC President), Jose (Sulaiman) just that.”

Muhammad Ali: King of Boxing Video

Filmed & Edited by Andy Dumas